Strategic management

in the field of renewable energy technology.


Our industry focus

The company manages an investment, trade, and service group that operates in the energy sector and in the field of renewable energy.

Technologies for water purification

Technologies for air pollution control

Wind Energy Technologies

Geothermal technologies

Areas of competence of the holding company

Solar technologies

Renewable raw materials: wood, natural fibers and other

Renewable energy industry (Wind energy, water energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, photovoltaic, biogas, solid biomass, more progressive technologies and integration technologies). Renewable raw materials (Wood, natural fibers, vegetable oils, sugar and starch, chemical raw materials, bio-lubricants).

Environment, waste, and recycling industries (Climate protection, air pollution control, water conservation, water management, waste treatment, soil protection, as well as progressive environmental, waste, and recycling technologies).

Geographical focus

The Dutch INTRACO Holding operates directly through its subsidiary companies, and/or indirectly through majority and minority shareholders in the following countries, or rather, within the following business areas.

  • Ameryka Łacińska
  • Chile
  • Ekwador
  • Urugwaj
  • Costa Rica
  • Argentyna
  • Brazylia
  • Peru
  • Meksyk
  • Europa Północna
  • Dania
  • Norwegia
  • Szwecja
  • Finlandia
  • Europa Zachodnia
  • Holandia
  • Irlandia
  • Belgia
  • Austria
  • Zjednoczone Królestwo
  • Szwajcaria
  • Europa Południowa
  • Włochy
  • Portugalia
  • Hiszpania
  • Europa Środkowowschodnia
  • Polska
  • Estonia
  • Litwa
  • Czechy
  • Łotwa
  • Słowacja
  • Europa Południowo-wschodnia
  • Chorwacja
  • Węgry
  • Serbia
  • Rumunia
  • Bośnia-Hercegowina
  • Bułgaria
  • Macedonia
  • Grecja
  • Kaukaz
  • Armenia
  • Azerbejdżan
  • Kaukaz
  • Izrael
  • Turcja
  • Azja Centralna
  • Kazachstan
  • Afganistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Mongolia


Purchase of companies or holdings of companies in technical-, management- or other service industries, including wholesale and retail companies.


Management of operations in sectors of renewable technology and the environment through subsidiaries or associated companies.


Producing, reworking, and processing products that represent technology in the field of environmental protection, waste, and recycling.